Suzanne, Nikki and Lisa on the motorcycle

Our Story

We are a small business opened June 2011, under the 2010 Cottage Food law, a progressive piece of legislation designed to help the small entrepreneur. Suzanne Murray and Lisa Carolin live in Loch Alpine as does Nikki, the inspiration for LA Baguette's logo. We bake baguettes in our home kitchen nearly every day and are pleased to deliver fresh, hot baguettes to your door. As one happy customer recently told us, “It doesn't get more local than this!”

Suzanne (pictured on the left) is a retired French teacher who, before her teaching career lived in Paris. She also has over 30 years experience in food service, most of which was at the Earle restaurant in Ann Arbor. Lisa (peeking out behind Nikki) is a journalist and author. She currently doubles as boulangere (baker) and reporter. Nikki, Lisa's West Highland Terrier, is enjoying her new found modeling career as well as a bit of baguette now and then.

my family loves this bread



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